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    I am looking for a person who will conduct an analysis and implement changes so that my messages do not go to spam. PLEASE NOTE: I am asking for a price for such a service, please do not give hourly rates only per order. Any rate will be considered as a billing rate.
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    Kamil Białobrzeski WP-Dude.COM
    Hi, I am looking for a specialist to help implement and configure Consent Mode for one of my clients. The ideal candidate should have experience in Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM). The preferred solution is a configuration based on plugin, since CookieBot is currently the most expensive option I would prefer to avoid this type of solution. If you have other proven suggestions, I am open to suggestions. Task scope: Implementation of Consent Mode Configuration according to customer requirements Testing and verification of correct operation Please contact me with a quote for the service and a completion date.
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Introduce CMP (Consent Management Platform) or consent banner such as Cookiebot.

Enable consent mode in Google Tag Manager.

Modify tags in Google Tag Manager to comply with the new Google policy.

Possibly move ad scripts from code to GTM.

Implement consent mode on 3 domains.