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    Krzysztof Płaneta 6 deals
    I am looking for a person or company who could take over from me the management of my client's online store network and most of the related services (Baselinker, couriers, emails, etc). Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to do this. Information: - the stores are built on WooCommerce on WP Multisite network - the stores were originally built by me about 5-6 years ago, so they have many quite old solutions - all stores are built on the same template, created from scratch (even the styling of WooCommerce modules) - it is possible that in the future you will have to make these stores from scratch I will provide detailed information during a phone call
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    MKING 1 deal
    Hello, I will outsource cookiebot implementations using gtag on prestashop software.
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    Rafał Szybiak 2 deals
    Prestashop pricing module
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a reliable contractor to create a pricing module (or adapt an existing solution) in a Prestashop store. The customer adds products to the shopping cart. When finalizing the order, it is to be possible to choose 1 - fulfill the order according to the existing purchase path or 2 - send the order for a free quote. The order for quote falls somewhere into the backend (order list? With some custom status. I guess that would be the most logical) and is taken over by the assigned merchant. Presta 1.8, integration of statuses/orders with Subiekt Nexo will be done through Firmes (most likely, we are waiting for the final version of the store on our site to do the integration). Unfortunately, the current contractor has not delivered the project to completion. I would ask for bids with relatively precise pricing, turnaround time or any questions. It would be nice to see your portfolio, whether you can actually handle the topic.
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    Damian Mrc
    Online Shop
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I would like to create an interface for an online store (dealing with the sale of handmade things) - Logotype - Clear layout - Adding/editing products from the admin panel (both products and new subcategories) - Online payments - Courier services - Automatic sending of some products to the user's email (ebook etc) Please ask me for a quote for the website and sample realizations of online stores.
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    Speakalio 1 deal
    We are a rapidly growing company publishing English language learning materials, looking for an experienced IT professional to help us improve the optimization of our website. We are looking for a candidate who will be responsible for improving the loading speed of the website on both mobile devices and computers. In addition, we expect the person hired to handle the implementation of a solution to automatically translate emails from Polish to English for foreign customers. An important aspect of the work will also be to solve the problem of incorrect delivery of emails to some customers (one email out of dozens of emails allegedly does not reach customers) Below we send a link to the speed report: Site set up on Wordpress + Woocommerce
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    Online shop- Payment gateways- Shopify
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for someone who is able to hook up payment gateways. For the time being, he wants to run an unregistered business to test the product. Is it somehow possible to do this? Because payments are not working for me. The platform is Shopify. I want to sell to the Polish market.
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    Zleceniodawca_1 7 deals
    I am asking for a quote to create a store based on a clean custom template, possibly Falcon. Desktop + mobile We care about high performance. For this migration of data from the current store to 1.7 I ask for a quote for a ready-made store, i.e. graphics + programming work and possible subsequent administration. For quotes, please also include the start date and approximate time of work.
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    I need someone to help me enable the store. I have a template and products uploaded. I need to configure it for myself. Connect supplies, upload banners.
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    online store and livestream sales
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I need support in creating a professional online store based mainly on livestream sales, such as with the Restream tool. The tasks of the person I am looking for will include: launching the online store and integration with Restream. creating a permanent scenario for livestream sales - graphics, backgrounds assistance in the selection of electronic equipment for the studio - cameras, microphones, lighting initial support in sales from the technical side creation of ads and advertising campaigns on social networks The store will offer products such as clothing, cosmetics, home furnishings. People with experience in the portfolio are welcome. Interested persons are invited to priv.
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    A small online store.
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to create an online store. It will be a store with a small number of products, but these products will have a lot of options to choose from a form. I have a foreign language site on which I would like to follow. I would like the store to be created in Wordpress because I can navigate in it. Implementation term max 2 months from today. In return message I will send more data.
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E-commerce development
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Job description

To perform:

- reconfiguration of Presta store

- re-verification of integration with Google ME

- re-verification of integration with Apilo

Required functions:

- reconfiguration of Presta store - re-verification of integration with Google ME - re-verification of integration with Apilo

Template / individual design: