Collaborate on the development of the CRM/ERP platform, e-commerce stores and design of future solutions.

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Wygodna Dieta
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Desktop/web applications
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Job description

We are a rapidly growing manufacturing and service company in the HORECA industry.

We are looking for a person to work with us for 3 months on site, after which there is an opportunity to perform tasks remotely.

Duties will include:

- front-end and back-end work on the company's websites,

- ongoing development of the dedicated applications we work on (PHP, SQL, JS, CSS),

- integrating external APIs into our application, for mobile applications, payment providers, marketing analytics, etc...,

- creating APIs in our application under external systems.

We expect independence in the duties performed, knowledge of GIT version control system, knowledge of new frameworks.

We offer:

- attractive salary,

- benefit system,

- flexible working hours.

Please quote a month of work for the declared number of hours.

Information from Useme: submitting an offer is possible only if:

- possession of a valid student card (for pupils/students up to 26 years of age)

- confirmed statement of full-time employment for at least the minimum wage

- having a business activity

Required functions:

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    Bot to buy Tauron/pgg eco-pea
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I will commission to write a bot that will buy coal eco-pea in bulk on tauron(priority) or pgg. Please ask for a quote. Of course, everything within reason. We will get along somehow for sure :)
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    Schedule system - back end only.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Order description Schedule system - front end only - like many available on the Internet modified with the following aspects - On Premises - Additional inter-branch validations between separate companies - Budgeting of staffing by different types of contracts - Handling of on-call and oncoming on-call duties - Integration with active directory
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    Bartosz Malinowski 111 2 deals
    I have a macro from downloading the way the company is represented and the persons and functions. Due to the version change to api.v2. I have the details of the change from the portal people along with an example of how to change it, but I don't feel like it. I provide all the information from with a description of the change. According to them, it is 30 minutes max for someone experienced. An email from them: "API v1 was disabled on June 10 this year, according to the email announcing this change when we introduced API v2 in November 2021, and according to the reminder email from early June. Fortunately, updating your program is not difficult: - Please change the URL for querying to:<this is the organization's KRS or Tax ID number preceded by the word nip>/krs-chapters/general - Please update the rest of the code according to the changes in the fields, which are illustrated by the attached two files. One shows the data you are interested in for the example company in API v1, and the other shows the same data in API v2. For an IT specialist, such an update should take a maximum of about 30 minutes of work. The most important thing to note is that in API v2 the data is one level of nesting shallower than in API v1, because there is no "fields" node. Everything else is just field name changes."
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    Prolego 631 deals
    Modifying ready-made software in Laravel
    Proposed by freelancer
    One of our sites uses ready-made software from them forest (Laravel, PHP 8.1) we need to make minor changes and add one Polish payment system (Przelewy24). Urgent "off the shelf" assignment for a good developer with experience in LARAVEL! Please apply with experience.
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    As in the topic. A very small, intimate, but somewhat neglected forum that no one has touched for 5 years. I would like to wake up this forum, but its condition does not allow for normal administration. What I expect: 1. cleaning up spam. 2. application of mechanisms to protect against spam. 3. Fixing the mechanism for registering new users. 4. Upgrade the version (at the moment it is 3.1.9). 5. Implement mechanisms to improve online visibility. 6. Perhaps other necessary activities that I am not aware of. 7. Subsequent maintenance, to a limited extent (only on an ad hoc basis, if something goes limp). Who I expect: Rather, a savvy freelancer who will treat this as an additional fuchsia, rather than a large company (limited financial possibilities). I would very much appreciate offers in the subject line only.
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    Profit Partner
    I will commission a store based on WooCommerce. the store will not be about products but about courier services. The store will sell courier service similar to It does not need author integrations everything based on The store should be based on a proprietary template. The service is to allow you to send a shipment with the selected operator, and online payment.
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    I am looking for a Freelancer to put up a web design realized in Figma and to implement the functionality of the site. If interested, please contact me with your portfolio, I will send a document with guidelines.
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    Scraping soccer match results pages.
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a scraping page with football results. The downloadable results are displayed on the page in javascript. I need to extract data on the schedule of upcoming matches, results of matches played and tables with classification. Do you need more details? Write.
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    We are looking for a full-time engineer, two Vue projects to pick from: a/ European Time Zone b/ Strefa czasowa Chicago (UTC-6) lub Sydney (UTC+10) - strict working hours [What will you do:] - Developing web applications in Vue.js - Focusing on clean, readable code - Utilizing the best architectural patterns like TDD - Work directly with the client from US or Germany - Being part of crucial project decisions: designing architecture, choosing frameworks and tools 🟦 JOB REQUIREMENTS: - At least 2 years of experience in programming in JavaScript - Knowledge of HTML, CSS/SCSS, ES6+, Typescript - Knowledge of: Vue.js - English at least C1 - Pushing a project from a business perspective - Capable of taking the lead in the projects - Understanding the right patterns and algorithms Annual budget below
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    I will order the modification (change) of the payment gateway module DOTPAY to PRZELEWY24. The script is based on the darling framework.