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    We are looking for a freelancer who will do some minor adjustments to a working site (missing graphics, cleaning up junk, some SEO) and (ultimately) be responsible for ongoing monthly maintenance of the site fairly quickly (and if not quickly, well and cheaply). About updating plugins, security and performance optimization I hope I don't have to mention? ;) Specifically: 1. initial minor adjustments Modifications to the layout of the site, improving responsiveness, improving loading speed, uploading graphics. 2. ongoing maintenance: Regular updates to WordPress (yes, we know you just clicked), plugins and theme, taking care of site security and occasional content updates. 3. development of the site, new projects. In some time - digital products, training, webinars. The ideas are many. Let's start with the above, then we'll see
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    Upgrading a medium-sized website based on Joomla 3.10.12 with Purity III template to the latest Joomla 4.4.2 - while ensuring compatibility of essential components and add-ons (primarily JoomSef and Chronoforms). The creation of a test site before implementing the upgrade is welcome. The site runs on servers
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    AndrzejGd87 3 deals
    Speed up page loading on wordpress
    Proposed by freelancer
    Checking a WP-based site - speeding up its loading so that the effect can be felt and seen in page speed.
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    I need such a site to organize free training with the possibility of connecting to LinkediN and Teams. With the ability to edit.
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    Hello, I need to arrange a coherent visualization for several channels of communication. The main medium will be WordPress, own blog, to this Youtube, Linkedin. Topics of the blog widely understood IT. Ultimately, there is to be a platform to purchase your own training, ebook, etc. 1 We start with a logo design. I mean such an enhancement of this logo attachment ie there is to be a board, outlines of silhouettes that learn. Such an idea. Maybe something more that relates to technology/internet. Something that points to training. It is to be universal - media, t-shirts, mugs, etc. 2. wordpress on Is it bad or good, it is what it is. It needs to be dressed in a modern template, where articles look like tiles (I can point out what I like). This is to be consistent with the designed logo. Blue/gray color scheme.
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    P&E 15 deals
    UX audit + website design
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission an audit of the website in terms of UX and graphic design of the website, in terms of its modification after the applied audit. Applies to the main page and subpages
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    fundacjaregina 7 deals
    CRM implementation
    Proposed by freelancer
    Needed to analyze the needs of our business. Advice on a simple CRM application. Joint selection. Setting up the funnel. Please write your hourly rate and what CRMs you have worked on so far
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FO media
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Job description

The subject of the order is to code a search engine for job offers on our site with API of our partner Traffit.

The search engine is to be able to switch between job offers in Poland and France and the basics like visible, job title, rate, date.

Please only ask for offers with price range.