Changing the main language in the store. Woocommerce. Set up from scratch. Reset. Export Import

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Store on WordPress / Woo. Somewhat confused languages. Ie, initially English was the main Polish translation. Now Polish is the main one, but the shop is basically English. You need to make a copy on a replacement location, reset everything to zero and transfer to the main location and do everything only in Polish. The most important thing is to maintain the settings of the SEO payment and other plugins, i.e. the analyst's invoice van made by the tag manager.

Everything on Themify Ultra, so mostly export> imort> return export

Template / individual design:

all on the current template

Required functions:

a copy of the current settings

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Dawid Zbiżek

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Strony | Sklepy internetowe

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Frontend Web Developer

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Dawid Masiejczyk YG Dev

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