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1. Changing the block with manufacturers

The manufacturers tab should expand (as above) and be sorted alphabetically. Clicking directly on the bar on the manufacturer's password should lead to the subpage where the tiled layout shows active logos, which, when clicked, lead to art. of the manufacturer.

2. Menu structure - (With drop-down categories, eg "stable and paddock", to expand vertically downwards (not on the left side).

- change of the beam drop-down menu - vertical layout - instead of to the left) (preferably the whole menu from the beam should expand as, for example, on

3. The shipping date for variants (is this option even possible to implement?)

In the admin, for each of the variants, eg color, we can choose the time of sending, eg 7-14 days, etc. After changing, for example, colors and etc., the shipping time does not change. This is important in this industry. For example:

4. All selectors, eg sort, category selection - central justification.

Template / individual design:


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Michał Dziatkowski 7 deals
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  • cms
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3D4U 33 deals
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