Business card page with a simple application form

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Berghandl sp. z o.o.
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Online shops
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Job description


I will commission the creation of a simple business card site with 2 subpages.


-description of the company and activities

-description of services (max 4 tiles/graphics)

-description/bio of service contractors (workshop leaders)

-information for companies about the possibility of b2b cooperation as a graphic designer

-between or background photos

Subpage 1 - Workshops

-classic registration page with contact form to fill in (workshop enrollment) or in the form of a "store" where you put the service into the shopping cart (form of payment to be agreed)

Subpage 2 - private label

-self-brand page - a few photos and simple descriptions

photos and descriptions I provide.

Further cooperation - refreshing and updating the site, expanding the offer, etc.

Template / individual design:


Required functions:

Mobile version, optional blik payment, card, quick transfer or simply email back with payment details