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IT projects
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Job description

I am looking for a programmer to write a single-player Bomberman game in C++. It must be Windows compatible and include basic 2D shapes as graphics.

-The goal of the game is to destroy opponents with bombs and find the door to the next level. The difficulty increases as the number of opponents increases.

- Game logic: Code the game in C++.

- Design: Basic 2D shapes are sufficient for graphic design.

The work should provide a functional but simple visual experience.

- SFML: You will need to use SFML for this project.

- Compatibility: The final game should compile without problems in VS

2022 or VS Code and run smoothly on Windows.

- Animation and gameplay should make this as simple as possible

Place or location:

Required functions:

The program is to be written , not copied from the already present versions on GitHub!!! - The program should use at least three elements: * Exceptions, * STL containers and algorithms, * Templates, * Overloaded operators, * Smart pointers, * Lambda expressions, * Streams, * Transfer semantics. - The program must use polymorphism Polymorphism must apply to its own classes (i.e., its own class respectively base/interface and its own derived classes). Implementation of virtual or purely virtual methods).