Android + iOS mobile application, integration with Magento2, minor additional functions

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As part of the list of features to create, there will be an application with the following features. Please forgive the modest description, for this assignment I require an NDA to be signed before proceeding with the implementation.

  • Integration with the Magento2 store (login / registration, the ability to place and control orders, browse the product catalog with variants)
  • Design similar to an already existing website.
  • Savings calculator (two sliders time + consumption, simple formula)
  • Notification with a sound from time to time (as in applications to remind you to drink water) - when "ticking" the notification, you can choose 1 out of 2/3 of the predefined consumption options. The answer is counted in the application and presented in the specified place + calculation using the same formula as the calculator.
  • Periodic events to remind you of the action to be performed to your calendars.
  • 2 information views (hardcoded)
  • 10-30 product descriptive views (views format is the same for all, hardcoded, separate from ecommerce data).

All ecommerce data downloaded from the store built on the Magento2 system. Everything else can be rigidly sewn into the application - calculator data, product descriptions, information views. The appearance of the application must be similar to an already existing website (at the moment I have not consciously provided it). If it makes anything easier, I can provide the UI graphic design before proceeding with the implementation.


androidiOSmobile applications

Operating system:

Integration with Magento2, online payments, calculator, integration with the calendar, system notifications

Required functions:

iOS, Android

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