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Job description

We need to add functionality to our site in the form of advertisements, orders for importing goods from China. We already have a corresponding tab. Here is a brief description of how it should look like and what functions it should have.

The customer, after setting up an account on our wholesaler, goes to the appropriate tab for imports from China. Then he clicks the create new order button. He gives the details of the order, including: title, description, photos, link to the product, when he needs the goods, etc. Once accepted, the ad goes to moderation, after checking it is accepted and added to the site. Companies that will cooperate with us will have the opportunity to add their offer under the ad. They should also get an email notification and the appearance of a new order.

Necessary things to do:

1. adding an ad section as above, making it nice and clear without unnecessary elements.

2. Create in woocommerce a new group of users such as contractors. We will be able to assign permissions manually. The company, which will not be added by us, will not be able to view orders.

3. anyone can add an order after registering on our wholesaler, but he can only see his order. He cannot see the orders of other customers.

4.Companies submit their offer under the ad, something like a comment or like on USEME. The customer contacts the selected company.

5. For now, everything will be free. If it develops, there will be fees for posting orders or for accepting them. For now, this does not need to be done, but write the code so that in the future it will not require much rework.

To recap, it's supposed to be something along the lines of USEME, only more simplified. Such a tweaked bulletin board. Please ask me for quotes and turnaround time. If you have any questions, please write a message.

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