A system for a recruitment company.

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We will commission the creation or purchase a ready-made system for the recruitment company HR System.

Ability to change languages in the menu for employees.


- entering data of candidates - division of candidates according to different industries, e.g. Cleaning, office, assembler, etc. ( adding resume, certificates, interview, references - txt, PDF files

- list for employment ( automatic import of data from the list of candidates, in addition information - tax card, health card, contract, contract, tax number)

- employed ( import of data from the list for employment + employer data and hours by week of the year)

The system counting the hours of employed workers, including the possibility of including vacations, sick leave, etc.). From the hours earned, an invoice issued to the client (employer of the person employed)

Connection via API code with the payment and accounting system.

Ability for employees to complete data (login and password) for sick leave hours.

Automatic sending of SMS through SMS gateway and emails for contacts from the system. Ability to choose between candidate, employee, for employment, customer.

Finished system or proposals for a solution along with the price, please place under the offer.

Required functions:

Software - a system for employment agencies.

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Remote work.

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