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    Hello, a manufacturer of modular mobile homes will commission a multilingual website presenting the offered products, designs along with the preparation of industry-specific marketing descriptions.
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    Hi, I am looking for a programmer to finish our bidding page on wordpress. Biddings are with the Auction for Wordpress plugin. Generally everything is already done, only the workflow is to be done better.
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    Maria Maszkowska
    Page coach hire
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day. Please send me a quote for creating a website on wordpress with a coach hire offer. The site should include general information about our coaches and a contact form. It should be in English as it will be aimed at foreign customers. I would also like to have Google Analytics and Tag Manager plugged in (+ event configuration). Please give me a quote with the number of hours and send me a portfolio.
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    Karolina - NEXLER 9 deals
    Landing page for the competition
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi :) I am looking for a Contractor to put up a simple landing page for a competition e.g. on Wordpress or WebWave. Structure of the page: - banner - description - instructions with icons - entry form with the possibility of uploading an attachment - product carousel Please provide me with an initial quote and deadlines for completion.
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    GlassMet 1 deal
    We will be commissioning work to upgrade the existing website at www.glassmet.pl . We would also like to recruit a Contractor responsible for the correct positioning of this site and updating the site with functionality in the form of creating a wizard of different balustrade variants for quotations.
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    Original website.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Website for the acquisition of landowners , for the energy industry , energy storage , micro photovoltaic installations , windmills . With positioning and social media campaign .
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    Bartek D
    Website + functionalities
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I need someone to create a website, preferably not based on an off-the-shelf solution, but without having to write it from scratch. In a nutshell, apart from a few subpages, the initial idea is to create a form, the results of which will be saved in a file, e.g. an Excel file, add payment methods, divide the users into 2 groups with separate rights (logging in) depending on the user's choice (paradoxically, they will see a completely different page and possibilities). More information already typically in private, I invite people with experience to contact me.
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    nevsky 2 deals
    I will commission the creation of a website for the construction industry. The website is to be a business card, with the following tabs: home page / contact / portfolio / about us / services The website is to include a contact form and social media links.
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    TFLS Szkoła Języków Obcych 1 deal
    We would like to commission the development of a website for an existing language school with a logo modernisation and key visual from scratch. Scope of work: from creative concept, through UX/UI graphic design of the homepage and subpages, copywriting support, up to implementation of the website with content filling (a large part of it will be to transfer existing content). The site must have, among other things, online sign-ups and payments, rewritten links from the previous site. Necessary ability and proven experience in making high quality web graphics with copywriting elements for advertising communication. Interested companies, please send an offer that is not limited to the price.
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    Krzysztofff 8 deals
    As in the title I own: -domain -hosting -content -I have a vision of what the site should be about and how it should look -a simple website (a few tabs, a contact form, customer reviews and that's about it) I care about time!
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Website development
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Job description

Good day,

wants to commission the creation of a site like TwojBohater.pl. Obviously I do not copy, but because of doing the same I think the easiest way to explain what is involved. Please give me an approximate cost.

Required features

Web development skills.

Preferable solution

I do not have graphics available. It can be redesigned ready-made. The main thing is that it should look good on computer as well as mobile hardware and not be memory-intensive.