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3D graphics
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I am looking for a graphic designer working in Adobe Substance 3D Designer.

I would like to commission the preparation of industrial designs.

If you are interested, please contact me.

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4 pieces.

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    Implementation of visualization
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission 3d visualization, 3-4 visualizations of a house based on a construction project. Request for price range and estimated deadline.
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    Design for 3d printing based on jpg
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello I am looking for a person to work with - a 3d graphic designer who is able to create a design for 3d printing on the basis of uploaded graphic files (jpg). This announcement is to see if there are such people and what kind of expense should be expected.
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    socialpatrick 25 deals
    I need 4 realistic product photos of my mirror based on one original photo. These photos should show the mirror from different perspectives and in different contexts so that potential customers can get a better idea of what the mirror looks like and how it can be used. Details: Desired photos: Photo 1: Mirror photographed from the front, hanging on the wall in an elegant bedroom. Photo 2: Mirror photographed from the side, standing on a table in a modern living room. Photo 3: Your invention Photo 4: A mirror photographed with a detail, such as a close-up of the mirror frame or its ornaments.
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    3d visualization
    Proposed by freelancer
    looking for a person to create 2 shots of visualization of the building from the outside. type of walls , roof, colors and other elements -everything is already established in the order A simple technical Rusyn on which you are to be modeled when it comes to replacements in the background is to be a man to illustrate the dimensions of the building to a man example of what I mean in the attachment I look forward to price proposals
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    IraWinnicki 8 deals
    I will commission the preparation of visualization of a small estate - 3 single-family houses. The visualization should be as realistic as possible and take into account the real surroundings (e.g. based on Google Maps). I will provide house designs, plot plan, photos. I care about a maximum of 7 days of implementation from the order.
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    Hey I would like to commission 5 visualizations of the interior (can be from some existing projects from studies or something). 
We need visualizations of simple minimalist interiors created so that we can always incorporate a poster mockup in the same place. 
I attach a sample visualization and interiors in the style we like. The client really likes the play with lighting as in the first example:) I would ask for some sample work and a quote. In addition, one visualization of the rolled up poster along with the packaging in which it would be shipped - reference also attached. Best Regards, Susanna
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    We are looking for a person to make designs for us for pepper gas bottles so that we can put our labels on them and that they are created according to the actual item we will supply.
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    noSKY 4 deals
    We are looking for a person who will generate in AI for us such prompts that will fulfill generate visualizations of buildings illuminated with linear led lighting that we sell.
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    Commissioned to perform 3D graphic design and visualization of hardwood furniture, such as dressers, nightstands, and tables. The scope of the order includes: Creating 3D models: Creating detailed 3D models of furniture based on provided specifications and sample furniture. renderings: Preparation of high-quality visualizations of products in various color and material options. Production of high-resolution renders that can be used in both marketing materials and product catalogs. Revisions and corrections: Taking into account comments and making necessary corrections to models and visualizations. Provide several corrections within the agreed budget. We are committed to high quality execution and timeliness.
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    Need 4 visualizations of kitchen furniture in the interior of the kitchen. Each visualization with a different furniture front (4 front models I will provide in OBJ files). That is, one scene with 4 times replaced fronts. Each of the new fronts in a different color scheme. Please ask for a quote.