Work freely and safely with Useme

Everyone can work the way they want with Useme. We provide a job contract, create a VAT invoice for your client, secure the whole transaction process, and transfer the payment in your currency.

Get an invoice for the finished work

  • Provide the information for us to form an invoice for your client
  • Transfer the finished project via Useme. The client cannot download it without sending the payment
  • The client receives a VAT EU invoice after transferring the payment
  • Your money reaches your bank account or card in your currency within 24 hours
Invoice and get paid

Secure your work

  • Provide the essential information for us to form the contract
  • Useme sends a pre-invoice to the client once confirming the deal
  • uSafe:The client cannot access the work without sending the payment
  • Receive the payment in your currency once the client accepts the final works
Sign a freelance contract