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Work the way you want, when, and where you want. We provide a legal contract, issue VAT invoices for your client, and payout in your chosen currency. On top of that, we can secure your deals. No more worries about unpaid deals!

Get paid for the finished work

  • Describe the project and give us the client's details for the invoice
  • Upload the files with your work. The client won't be able to download them until they pay
  • Wait for the client to pay the deposit and get the invoice
  • Get your payout within 24h since the client pays
Invoice and get paid

Secure your work

  • Fill in your client's details and job description
  • Start woking when the client accepts the deal
  • uSafe: Upload the files. The client will be able to download them only after they pay the deposit
  • Get your payout as soon as the client accepts your work
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