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From: Poland

Location: Żory, PL

On Useme since 14 June 2016

About me

I am a native Polish speaker and a translator in the English-Polish and Spanish-Polish language pairs. I have been doing translations for over five years. My expertise are: IT, cosmetics and technical texts, localization of video games and subtitling.


English Games IT Polish Spanish Specialized Technical Translation


Referencje PlayWay

References obtained for the long-term cooperation in video games translation, with the video games developer PlayWay S.A.

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Referencje Biuro Tłumaczeń

References obtained for long-term cooperation with Translation Agency. I have translated various text (general, IT, technical, legal, etc.)

Referencje kosmetyka

References obtained for long-term cooperation in the field of cosmetics and beauty text.

Portfolio item
Referencje TylkoPilka S.A.

References obtained from the chairman of Tylko Pilka S.A. weekly, for the translation in the sports betting area.