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Leśna, Poland
SKILLS: c#databasesgeneral applicationsmysql.NETsqlSQLitewindowsWindows formsWPF

Siemanko :). I am a beginner wizard of programming art. I create desktop applications for windows (WPF, WinForms) that use databases, manipulate text files, sometimes excel / xml, etc. With time, options to create ASP projects will come. Net, or web applications and mobile applications, but in the future. By the way, I record courses on YouTube rather as a hobby. Sometimes it happens to write some things from photos to word because of the relatively fast writing.

Some practical information: - C # (~ 3 years) - Windows Forms (~ 2 years) - WPF (~ 2 years) - Databases (MySQL, MSSQL, SQL Compact 4.0, SQLite) - .NET Developer (WPF dextrop, Winforms ~ 2-3 years)

The portfolio includes three examples of projects that I created during my programming course. Most can be seen here: https://youtu.be/4yWp8-CjtK4

Baza Huawei

Approximate start: 26/10/17 to 17/12/17 A private database program that stores phones, parts (codes, names, etc.), thumbnails, allows you to import / export database as well as individual pages, has user accounts and a login system with a password protected.

https://youtu.be/8ODMSfvWx-I download:


Approximate start: 13/08/17 to 17/09/17 A program to check the performance of individual collections in terms of adding / deleting / searching items. In addition, the program has a list of useful methods with a description, link and example code for the use of the collection. In the program you can view individual episodes of guides in which I discussed individual collections. If I remember correctly, .NET 4.5 is installed on your computer. Collected collections (as of today 09.12.17): • List, • LinkedList, • Queue • Stack, • Dictionary, • SortedDictionary, • SortedList, • HashSet, • SortedSet, • ObservableCollection

Presentation: https://youtu.be/w-CcHLAT_7Q

http://yoineer.com/5123708/analizakolekcji download:

Administracja LiveWidz

Approximate start: 10/11/17 extended on a regular basis depending on the free time Programm as a new version of the tab, which was in 'INTELLIGENCE' in the administration, I decided to make a new separate program and develop it a bit. You can save your viewers in it, their history, for example, when they changed the nickname, what gift we gave them and when, etc., the program will probably be expanded, works multithreaded :).

Presentation: https://youtu.be/uvpPG6Lj8tc

http://yoineer.com/5123708/administracja-livewidz download:


Approximate start: 10/12/17 extended on a regular basis depending on the free time Such a program to show off your CV, you can attach your CV in pdf to download and in the tabs fill in information about yourself, such as experience, skills, languages, etc. So I came up with an idea a few days ago not to send screenshots of programs, and give you more information immediately projects etc.

Main functions (display / edit): • displaying a CV in the PDF version with the option to download it • personal information (contact details, description, biography) • career path experience (position, company, description, etc.) • education (list of schools and studies, etc.) • skills (skill list with experience level, satisfaction and whether it is currently used) • certificates (list of certificates with the place of issue and their number) • languages ​​(list of languages ​​you know and level of proficiency) • programs (list of programs that I have now written)

Expected functions (~ 12.2017): • adding your own programs (viewer) • adding fields for linkedin pages, goldenline, freelancer, etc.

Presentation: https://youtu.be/1o9USm8UQsE



Approximate start: 30/12/17 to 05/01/18 The program, which aims to read / write the list of computer IP addresses and release the ping, if it happens (device turned on), it sets the appropriate description with a green background, otherwise the background is red. If all computers are off then there is the option to turn off the computer. Additionally, you can add a computer to autostart (it starts at the system startup). Tested for now on Windows 7 and 10. Required .NET 4.5

Functions: • Loading / Writing IP addresses from / to a file • The option to run the application at system startup • Turning off the computer if all devices 'Not available' • Manual firing of the ping release to all computers on the list • Setting the time of pinging eg at 18:00 on the current day of the launched application

Requirements: • As of now, from what I've seen, it's only installed .NET 4.5 • Tested on Windows 7 Prof, 10 Prof

As a separate project added in the style of Metro :) (05/01/18)

Presentation: https://youtu.be/4yWp8-CjtK4 Download the classic WPF UI: http://tnij.at/PingShutdownPCklasyczny

http://brisktopia.com/5123708/pingshutdownpc-metro download:

CV Programista .NET (desktop)

download: CURRICULUM VITAE 19.12.17.pdf

CV Programista .NET (desktop) (ANG)

download: CURRICULUM VITAE ANG 18.12.17.pdf

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