Szymon React

Szymon React

Joined on: 2019-10-30
Warszawa, Poland

Jestem młodym freelancerem. Tworzę aplikacje mobilne i webowe.

Portfel Ethereum

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. The live version is modified for the comfort of recruiters. Automatic password entry. Do not use this version for personal use.

Created by Szymon Jankowski for announcements

About This is the simplest Ethereum wallet on Git. I wrote it myself for recruitment purposes. You can model your wallet on this code. It will be much easier now. Warning! The code is 100% written by me. I didn't use the rare guide written by an experienced programmer. So please, do not enter your realy genuine Ethereum key, and do not sign transactions on it!

Core components

Web3 for connect to Ethereum

ethers.js for connect to Ethereum, too :)

Jest for testing

styled-components for design of dApp

Chars.js for chart with live ethereum price data of last 50 days

Api providers

Cryptocompare for live Ethereum price index


Login to Ethereum network

Eth auto balance to USD

Keep Ethereum key in LocalStorage

Mobile first.

Mini blog module. (components/article.js and data/article.js)

Chart with Ethereum price of last 50 days. Live data.

Clear LocalStorage, simply logout

Sign Transactions

ERC20 support

Development 3 majors components, each components is fully responsive! Try on mobile!

Login - Simply for pass key Dashboard - Key from login is in LocalStorage. Dashboard component connect to Ethereum and pass data to other components. HistoryEth - You can choose the Ethereum address to view the transaction history

Lincence Completely MIT Licensed. Including ALL dependencies. download:


Mechanics is describe on gitlab: download:

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