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From: Poland

Location: Świętochłowice, PL

On Useme since 27 June 2016

About me

Education and Training Double PhD studies [2011 – Present] Thesis: Architecture of early medieval strongholds of first rulers in Poland and Czech Republic in the European context. at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, Institute of Archaeology and at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, Institute of Archaeology (Agreement for bi-nationally supervised doctoral thesis between Charles University in Prague and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan) Master Diploma of History of Art [2007 – 2012] Master Diploma of Archeology [2008 – 2011]

Finished a course Archaeological heritage in present - day Europe at the Institute of Archaeology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan [2009]

Finished a course of 3D modeling and scanning (PhotoScan) [2015]

Finished a AutoCAD course [2015] GIS (Geographic Information System) skills

Work experience on the art field Art Prague Festival at Mannes Gallery in Prague [2011] Gambit Gallery in Prague [2012] Brooks Gallery in Prague [2012] Pursue a traineeship at Archaeological Museum in Poznan [2011]

Personal Skills Native language: Polish Other languages: English: B2. 2. Czech: C1 (Certification of Faculty of Humanities at Charles University) German: B1. 1. (TELC)

Scholarships and Awards 1. Awards for the best PhD student at Historical Department at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (each year) 2. Scholarship of Visegrad Found [2013/2014] 3. Scholarship of the Central European 4. Exchange Program for University Studies [2013] 5. International Government Scholarship of Polish Department of Education and Science and Czech Department of Education and Physical Culture [2010/2011] 6. Researcher Mobility Found of Charles University [2013] 7. The Kulczyk’s Family Award for the best PhD students of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan [2015]

Fellowships and research visits 1. Internship at the Department of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Science in Prague [01.10.2013 – 30.06.2014] 2. Scholarship on The Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Architecture [20.02 – 20.06. 2013] 3. Fellowship at the Department of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Science in Prague [22.01.2013 – 30.06.2013] 4. 7-months research stay at Institute of Archaeology of Charles University in Prague 5. Scientific scholarship of the Faculty of Arts on scientific stay on FB Geschichts- und Kulturwissenschaften Bibliothek FMI in Berlin [25.03 – 28.04.2013] 6. 7-months internship on the Department of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Science in Prague [2013/2014] 7. Monthly scholarship on Bibliothek Bischoefl. Priesterseminars in Fulda and on Staatsbibliothek in Bamberg and Mainz [2013/2014] 8. Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) Erasmus at Departmen of History of Art at Charles University in Prague [2009 – 2010] 9. Lifelong Learning Programme – Erasmus Student Placement on the Department of Archaeology on Prague Castel [2010 – 2011]


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Intra – Visegrad Scholarships Programme

A commonwealth of ideas. The early medieval residential strongholds of rulers in Poland and Czech Republic in a comparistic studies. The similiarities, differences and comparasion.

W ramach projektu stworzyłam dla wybranych grodów...

Interdyscyplinarne Terenowe Seminarium Naukowe: Ce

W czerwcu 2010 roku wspólnie z dr T. Klirem (Praga) napisałam i zrealizowałam Interdyscyplinarne Terenowe Seminarium Naukowe dla studentów z Polski i Czech w ramach którego studenci z Czech poznawali polskie zabytki...

Grantova Agentura Univerzity Karlovy

Středověké rezidence panovniků v Českých zemích a Polsku (Średniowieczne rezydencje władców w Czechach i w Polsce)