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From: Poland

Location: Nowa Wieś

On Useme since 1 April 2021

About me

I'm marketer professionally. ❤️ And I'm artist after hours. 🎨👩‍🎨 Drawing is my passion. I create illustrations and graphics on request. I specialize in drawing characters and posters. I'm drawing my artworks at Procreate, IPad Pro 11. You can see my artworks on my Instagram profile:


Banner Illustrations Layout design Logo Posters


Portfolio item
Ilustracja na podstawie zdjęcia

A set of illustrations for the website for ordering food online.

Portfolio item Yummy Sushi Catering

Logo + set of illustrations for social media, T-shirts and cups.

Portfolio item
Portret ze zdjęcia na zamówienie

A portrait in a comic, cartoon style from a photo.

Portfolio item
Farbotka - Ilustracja na zamówienie dla producentk

Postcard / thank you card for orders for the shop's customers

Portfolio item FrigginWell

A set of illustrations for a company that produces vegan shower products from London.

Portfolio item

Postcard for company's clients

Portfolio item
Projekt postaci - ilustracja

Character design - digital illustration

Portfolio item
Ilustracja dla belgijskiego startupu