Radek Linkiewicz

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Białystok, Poland
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I'm a sociologist with 13 years of experience working at universities, state and private. Interests: psychology, marketing, politics, culture, literature.

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radeko.wordpress.com oryszczyszyn.wordpress.com szkicesprzeglem.wordpress.com

Uniwersytet w Białymstoku

Working as an assistant, researcher and academic teacher in The Institute of Sociology University of Białystok. I was teaching following courses: "methodology of the social sciences", "social choice theory", "marketing research", "game theory", "informational society", "projects evaluation". Additionally, i was teaching logic for law students. My social interests are: methodology of the social sciences, philosophy of science, sociology of unemplyment. I'm working in my PhD. thesis: "Predictability of the social phenomenon: Neurath, Popper, Hayek"

http://uwb.edu.pl/ download:

Wyższa Szkoła Administracji Publicznej w Białymstoku

I was working in WSAP as a academic teacher. I was teaching "micro- and macroeconomy".

http://www.wsap.edu.pl/ download:

Białostocka Fundacja Kształcenia Kadr

I was working in Białostocka Fundacja Kształcenia Kadr as an information expert and monitoring and evaluation expert; I was coordination and managing a team responsible for monitoring and evaluation, preparing periodic reports on the state of implementation of projects implemented by the Foundation.

http://www.bfkk.pl/ download:

WYG International

Work at WYG International (Białystok, Warsaw) as an expert in monitoring and evaluation; as part of the duties, supervising the work of the monitoring and evaluation team, preparing monthly, quarterly, annual reports on project implementation; permanent cooperation with the Voivodship Labor Office in Bialystok and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development in Warsaw

http://www.wyginternational.pl/ download:

Kiermusy Dworek nad Łąkami

Work as a specialist for promotion and advertising. I was involved in creating the company's image, managing social media and contacts with key clients.

http://www.kiermusy.com.pl/ download:

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