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From: Poland

Location: Rumia

On Useme since 8 May 2016

About me

I have wide experience in IT starting from cooperation with software vendors and end users. My career began in 1986 and still goes on - these several years I was employed and, about 50% of this period, I was self-employed. I was typical programmer, developer, analyst and business analyst, architect, team and project manager, methodology advisor, IT project supporting tools policy-maker and manager (specially project planning, configuration management and documenting). I created conceptions of whole systems, tools and methods. I was a PM of the middle-size projects (up to 50 peers of personnel and 500 end users). In every case I was learn about client business, business processes. Often I make not easy decisions resolving some technical and personal problems. Generally, the best of that what I can do, is to resolve and precise client and user needs, to create requirements and based on them – conceptions and architectures solving given problems.

Qualifications: - Work organization and analysis of the given problems, creation the proposals - Fast creations of solutions on the conception and architecture level - Making [often] good decisions based on a partial information - Ability to independent work - Skills to risk recognition and to indicate potential inconsistency - Assimilation of the new methods of a production organization - Consequence in pursuance to the established objectives - Ability to work as a member of e team of equally responsible peers

Most important achievements: - Reference architecture of modular IT system for insurance companies; PM and author of most important solutions - Chief of production department, chief of technology department, technology assistance - Conception and deployment of production team organization and technology basics of IT systems for insurance companies (Ergo Hestia, CU, Gerling) - Creation, implementation and first deployment of Partenon production system for life insurance company, PM and technology leader role - MPiPS government, Also/Pomost projects: GIS visualization of some of their social programs parameters - Conception, architecture and management of project for City Council Gdynia; implementation of some modules (including real estate with connection to GIS subsystem) - Idea, architecture, implementation and PM role of a PL-DRUK desktop publishing system - 1st award of Polish Society of Informatics, national competition for the best Master Thesis 1986



Opis projektu: System interaktywny do zarządzania i utrzymania instalacjami wind osobowych i towarowych dla jednego z większych dostawców/serwisantów w Polsce

Rola w projekcie: Analityk, projektant, architekt Także programowanie i...


Opis projektu: System społecznościowy ze zintegrowanymi modułami do zarządzania projektami oraz procesami w firmie (projekty i działania w firmie sterowane procesami biznesowymi specyficznymi dla Klienta)

Rola w projekcie: Analityk...


Opis projektu: ZUS – Elektroniczna Platforma Wymiany Danych (system wspomagający przepływ dokumentów i obsługę spraw w ZUS)

Rola w projekcie: Analityk

Czas zaangażowania w projekcie: 11 miesięcy