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Responsive Web design business class for only 298 zł. !Making pages based system cms Wordpress responsive mobile graphics business class at the price of 298 zł., Have years of experience performing pages based on wordpress cms.We offer:execution of a page based on a system of wordpress (cms independent panel to revise or update the dedication page)system updates cms wordpress to latest versionimplementation and configuration of pluginspay system available content on the siteupgrades and expansion of sites based on CMS wordpressimplementation and cut graphics to WordPressprotect websites against burglaryNEW PRODUCTS ON THE WEBSITE: if you do not want to drive online store come to us now implement the website performance of the system, product presentations look like a typical store, but without purchase by visiting the website through which pass by you any problems caused by the conduct of an ordinary shop and additional legalization store.Removing virus from the website wordpress.If your site hacked hacker damaged it, he erased the content, or other damages caused to the server in the redirecting page on portals erotic.Website stopped working, any problems with the functionality or code.WE WILL HELP YOU:REMOVAL OF VIRUSES PARTY WORDPRESSRECOVERY AND SECURING THE PARTIESwe have many years of experience, not only towards the repair but also it additionally secure firewall, we have helped many companies, even where others do not give advice:REPAIR SITES - we repair sites based on WordPress, and other systems. If the parties do not want to turn on or errors occur while viewing help.SECURING THE WEBSITE WORDPRESS - securing websites wordpress from attacks by hackers, even if nothing has come to us will conduct audit of the website and take steps or advise what to do to make it less vulnerable to attacksREMOVING THE FILTER THE SEARCH ENGINE - often after the attack on the site in search engines, it is marked as potentially dangerous, we help in removing these messages.AKTUALIZCJE WEBSITE - we also offer assistance in updates to web pages, development, introducing new materials and content in price from 10 zł. For minor changes.Help legalization application site or store to the Inspector GeneralNotification of registration of a website or online store to the Inspector General Data OsowobowychNotification of registration online store GIODOIf:run online storeon your side of the registration or recording of users or visitorswriting to Newslettercollecting data visitors websiteyou process the data your website's visitorsKeep in mind that such a site or shop you must report to the Inspector General Inspector General for Personal DataWe assist in the application process, we conduct a outs or page must be reported to the Inspector GeneralDo not take chances, write to us for free check whether notification is required, advise and help you how to make the party has acted legally and what steps should be taken.


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Portfolio item FALAR

Website performance from A-Z + security + page wordpress firewall performance online store

Portfolio item Outdoor Concept

Full implementation of web mobile responsive + extra protection side firewall against attacks. Execution of pages of A-Z including the installation commissioning, configuration, and care.

Portfolio item MARKOPOL

Creating a website responsive, SEO optimization monitoring and securing wordpress pages.