PAG Development

PAG Development

Joined on: 2020-01-14
Konin, Poland


My name is Piotr (18 y.o.) and I am a high school student in the field of IT technician . I have completed the course EITCA Computer Graphics Program. CERTIFICATE ID: EITCA / CG / JQF20004353 .

I have mastered and have experience in work on computer graphics, photo processing and film editing. He has been dealing with this for 4 years and every customer is satisfied with the completed orders. My last order was the advertising folder of the new program HAL APS for the company HOST.

I am extremely open to new challenges and works for you: D


HAL APS dla firmy HOST

I can present more photos by writing a private message to me

Certyfikat EITCA w formie PDF

download: EITCA-CG-JQF20004353-Certificate.pdf

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