NN Audio aka Tarlachan

NN Audio aka Tarlachan

Joined on: 2020-03-19
Będzin, Poland
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What is it about me that you might enjoy working with me? I'm not sticking to only one music genre, that I feel comfortable in, I love challenges, exploring new music styles and I love to mix and mashup what might not be obvious at first. I get the most pleasure from creating weird difficult mashups. Trap and metal? Rock and classics? No problem. If you want to check what are my music capabilities go ahead and search my two channels on YouTube: NN Audio and Nomen Nominandum.

Everyone has music deep inside our soul but everyone is made for different things, some great singers, others are flawless on their instruments, compose beautiful pieces and some of us just know how music should really sound to strike right in the heart. I am here to offer various services which I am good at to help you with part of creating music, where you need a helping hand!

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