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From: Serbia

Location: Novi Sad, RS

On Useme since 26 March 2024

About me

I am a UX/UI Designer with experience working on a diverse range of projects including SaaS (NIS Drive.GO, Salesforce CMR-Beyond Business Suite, Beyond Smart Reports, Quantox Time Tracking), ERP (MIS4 PDA), various B2B platforms, EdTech (Quantox Academy, 369 Konnect, UpForSuccess), and Ecommerce (B2B, B2C).

Throughout my career, I have navigated numerous projects that demanded effective time management, alignment between aesthetics and functionality, adaptation to evolving project scopes, resolution of conflicts between design and technical requirements, establishment of clear goals, balancing diverse team perspectives, addressing budget and resource constraints, understanding and mitigating technical limitations, as well as adeptly communicating with users to gather valuable feedback.

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Mar 2024 - Now

UX/UI Designer

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