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I am a business developer based in Warsaw, I represent the company Naylalabs from Turkey. We are a software office with a great team, mainly developing websites, web applications, mobile apps for Android and iOS

Mommy Android - iOS Application

Mommy and expectant mothers, bedside app Mommy ❤️

"Mommy - Mother and Baby Social Content Platform and 2nd Hand Children's Products Marketplace" mobile app; It is an application that the mother and expectant mothers will share and help each other during the pregnancy and postpartum period their children's 0 0-6 years dönem periods and reach the information they need quickly in many different categories. . Together with the social media features it hosts, it enables mothers to immortalize all their photos during and after pregnancy on a social sharing platform.

It has never been easier for mothers to shop safely and quickly among themselves.

With our newly added market place feature, our mothers and mothers will be able to quickly buy the products that mothers put up for sale and sell their own products.


Week by week pregnancy follow-up The excitement and obscurity starting from the moment the pregnancy is learned is inevitable for our mothers. We are at your side with the feature that our mothers can observe their changes and the development of their babies week by week and can follow them with articles, expert videos.

Monthly child development monitoring

After our babies are born, the problems do not end. Actually, it's just beginning. You can use this feature to follow the monthly developments of our children, who are the hearts of our lives, and to watch articles and expert videos for each month.

Messages from my baby

This melts even the hardest hearts. You will forget the stress and rush of the day with the sweet messages you will receive from your baby every day and you will create a big smile on your face.

Baby Supplement Food Recipes

No matter what I eat every morning after your baby goes to supplementary food! With Mommy's extensive recipe / baby recipes list, you'll be able to give your baby a taste of different flavors every day.

Customized timeline

Just like your social media accounts, the content you have is compiled by fading for you and presented to you on the home page. With our intelligent algorithms, you will never get bored while browsing Mommy.


Our mothers and expectant mothers love this feature. You can add information to your knowledge every day with this feature where our mothers can ask questions to each other and initiate discussions and transfer their knowledge.

Photo Sharing (Mother - Baby photo sharing)

We're not always knowledge. Mommy means socializing, having fun and spending quality time. You can follow the daily life of other mothers and babies etc. You can share the sections of your own life with other users.

Personal Messaging and Group Chats

Another feature our mothers love. With this feature, you can send messages to other users registered in the application, you can send and receive photos. You can also join any chat group and create chat groups yourself.

Expert articles

With almost 100 articles and expert articles on child development, health and pregnancy, we contribute to our mothers' knowledge.

Vaccine Schedule

We show you which vaccine you will make in which month. You can also create reminders for vaccines with our alarm feature.

Book reviews on child development and pregnancy

You can access the reviews of books on child development or pregnancy and share your ideas with other users if you have read them.

2.Hand baby and children products market place and fast sale

Our application exists thanks to you, our precious mothers and mothers. Your intensive support and opinions are very important for us. You can send your comments, suggestions and complaints about our application to

Gotrend Web - Android - iOS Application

Go trend is a e-commerce platform that combining premier fashion choices with excellent usability. It offers to customers multiple quick and secure payment methods with clearly structured and categorized design. Fit Assistant Make your choices easy! User friendly design download:

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