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From: Poland

Location: Konin, PL

On Useme since 29 September 2014

About me

I am and Android Developer providing Android apps for wide-range customers. Experience:

  • SDKs: Facebook, Zebra EMDK, PayPal, Amazon S3, agentCASH
  • Libs: Dagger 2, Retrofit, Google Vision, EventBus, GSON, Java-Websocket, Scandit and many open-source libs in use
  • git: Bitbucket, GitHub
  • DB: SQLite, Couchbase, Firebase, GCM
  • CI: TeamCity, Codeship
  • hardware: Zebra MC40, Zebra TC70, Zebra GK420d
  • project: Scrum, Agile, Kaban


Android Databases Mobile applications Scrum Sql Video editing


Portfolio item

Mobile app for Android OS dedicated for portal. App is available in Google Play store.

We created an algorithm that calculates the evaluation rate for particular meal based on user’s preferences. This allows to sort restaurant’s...

Android developer Jacek Ryś CV.pdf

Current CV Android Developer

Application for UK customer

Application devoted to handling parcels in warehouses with barcode scanning. I was a part of a team that was creating an app for Zebra MC40, TC70 and TC51 devices which was solely integrated with barcodes and QR codes. Project demanded Zebra...