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From: Poland

Location: Wrocław, PL

On Useme since 11 January 2020

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About me

As a Flutter developer specializing in Android and iOS apps, I prioritize conscientiousness and adherence to deadlines. With competitive pricing and a focus on high-quality code, I devote my full attention and energy to one project at a time, greatly enhancing the product's quality and value. My tenure at Appvinio and Deviniti enhanced my skills in intuitive UI/UX design and clean architecture implementation. I manage SCRUM processes and repositories on GitLab, Bitbucket, GitHub with efficiency. Experienced in libraries like GetIt, Equatable, Dio, Bloc, I create applications that impress with performance and aesthetics. Adept in Figma, I deliver solutions matching the latest design trends. My dedication to continual technical advancements and exclusive focus on each project translate into innovation and business success for my clients.

CV / Résumé

Nov 2022 - Dec 2023

Flutter Developer


At Appvinio, I was a part of a 5-member team developing a social app, debugging Vitalia & 4GOAL. We used clean architecture (features), using SCRUM & Jira. Managed code on GitLab, Bitbucket, GitHub. Skilled with GetIt, Equatable, Dio, Bloc ect.

Jan 2022 - Nov 2022

Flutter Developer

Deviniti Sp. z o.o.

At Deviniti as a Flutter Dev, I developed Myfoodie for Android & iOS, an ordering app for business meals. Applied layered architecture, SCRUM in Jira, GIT, REST API, and SOLID principles for scalable clean code. Knowledgeable in libraries: Bloc, Dio,


Portfolio item Android game - "Incrediball"

Publikacja aplikacji w sklepie Google Play. Wykreowanie ponad 100 poziomów gry o różnej złożoności Wykonałem ponad 1000 testów eksploracyjnych w celu poprawienia jakości rozgrywki.

Portfolio item Vitalia

As a primary task, I efficiently addressed and resolved customer-reported issues, enhancing user experience and maintaining application reliability.

Portfolio item Myfoodie: meals at work

Myfoodie offers employer-subsidized meal ordering to your workplace or home. Enjoy your favorite food with convenient pickup or delivery at restaurant prices, paying less through company support!

Portfolio item 4Goal

My primary task was to enhance the UI elements of the app in Flutter, significantly improving aesthetics and usability to boost user satisfaction and engagement.

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  • Hello, I am an elderly person and in creating an app for my phone that will remind me when I am running out of medication and when I need to go get a new prescription or buy another pack. I don't know much about technology, so I'd like to describe it as simply as I can. I want to add up all the medications I'm taking, I have different packs of 60 or 30, and some already half selected, for example. I take medications in different ways. Sometimes it is 1 tablet a day, sometimes two, and sometimes half a tablet a day. I also have a medication that I take 1 tablet every other day. I want the app to count it for me when my medicine runs out and remind me a week before. Or maybe sometimes even 2 weeks, because it takes longer to see some doctors. I would like such an app to show me a big reminder on the whole screen of the phone, about the medicine, but I don't know if this is possible because what if I run out of two medicines, one reminder on the screen will cover up the other one. I would like me to see the added medications on the screen in a nice order like a shopping list with the date when the medication runs out.