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From: Poland

Location: Wieliszew, PL

On Useme since 13 September 2021

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Web development z użyciem nowych ciekawych technologii - efekt⭐😱⭐wow gwarantowany :) Szczegółnie interesuje mnie WebGL i zastosowanie 3D na stronach internetowych.

- Web dev - Full stack Saas - Ecommerce consulting


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Portfolio item
Grid layout - product page
Portfolio item Demo - Ślady w śniegu - WEBL snow trails

Dynamiczne ślady w śniegu podążające za modelem - wszystko na stronie w WebGL (three). wip tutorial:

Portfolio item
Mobile Contact form - webGL stripe effect
Portfolio item
Animowane radial menu - WEBGL goo
Portfolio item Demo - interakcja - DOM physics

Zastosowanie silnika fizyki 2D do stworzenia chaotycznej interakcji ze stroną internetową. Naciśnij "Let's get physical" :)

Portfolio item Spadający tekst - WEBGL demo

Wpisz coś żeby literki zaczęły spadać :)

Webgl, three. physics

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  • I will commission a website for my portfolio. Link to mockup: Homepage + 8 subpages + cookie view based on the home page. Mobile version does not differ much from desktop views. Layout is mostly based on rectangles. Content and images necessarily need to show this way - Since the site has a very simple background it will be necessary to write such a cursor effect or similar as here - Operation of the home page going from the top. - The caption "down to the bottom" spins around the arrow - the inscription "my name is michael" animates from right to left looped in a circle - The caption at the bottom in the contact section: the caption "let's create" jumps in from the left, a second later the caption "awesome work" jumps in from the right and a second later the caption "together" jumps in from the left. The arrow next to the caption "together" appears from 0% to 100% transparency. I would like to upload project animations later. It is possible that there will be another subpage at a later time.
  • Needs an application that will change in the incoming orders the courier selected by the customer, to the courier selected by us, and change the value of the shipment add it to the order as a commodity. Api documentation: