Lodka Production

Lodka Production

Joined on: 2020-09-23
Łódź, Poland
SKILLS: advertisement videoadvertising photographybusiness photographycreationmontagemotion graphicsonline advertisingphotographypromotional videorecordingsscenography scriptstoryboardingvideovideoblogvideo clipvideo editingvideo editingvideo livevideo production

Lodka is a compact video production from Lodz, working at the junction of cinema and eye-catching promos. We appreciate local community and are willing to contribute into it with our work. Lodka Production sticks to business sustainability - for this reason, we provide the best results with minimal losses, without wasting time, money and other resources. We are flexible and are ready to negotiate all your preferences from vision and style to terms and prices. Despite locality, Lodka works with international clients! Feel free to speak Polish, English, Russian, and Belarusian with us.

Demo Reel 2020

It shows different types of films, a number of techniques and branches in which Lodka works. Moreover, it represents skills and abilities, which we are constantly developing.

Cinematography by Antos Sivyh, taken from works between 2016 and 2020; Demo reel co-edited with Iryna Pawlovich.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2ELuhtQudA download:

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