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From: United States of America

Location: Losangels, US

On Useme since 7 May 2024

About me

Senior Fullstack Developer I am an experienced Fullstack Engineer with over 6 years of experience in Web development. I strive to follow best practices and use test-driven development in all my projects. I am passionate about programming and am always eager to learn new technologies and trends.

CV / Résumé

Nov 2020 - Mar 2022



Implemented hybrid recommender systems to serve tailored content to users Built a GraphQL Relay API to serve the frontend mobile clients and an API-based authentication system Built awesome Front-End components using Storybook and tested.

Jul 2019 - Aug 2020



Integrated AWS Aurora and AWS Lambda Located in Vojvodina, Serbia Performed data analysis of 200 million records using map-reduce and task- specific algorithms Integrated a lot of data from different data sources like "world bank" to a database.

May 2018 - Apr 2019


Intuition Robotic

Designed and implemented static web pages using HTML5 and CSS Built a front-end widget that is added as a single external script to an HTML page but works as a big library using vanilla JavaScript and jQuery Implemented front-end pages with React, Re