Klaudia Pstrągowska

Joined on: 2021-01-22
Gdańsk, Poland
SKILLS: copywritingenglishtranslation

Hello! I'm a young and ambitious copywriter. I'm especially eager to know as much about exhisting world as possible. I create product descriptions, articles, category descriptions in polish and english language. I feel the best on the field of law, healthy lifestyle, fashion, art and literatury, however any other topics I will happily study to create high-quality content.

Stosowne wynagrodzenie dla współtwórców utworu audiowizualnego a przychody z reklam wydawcy czasopisma

download: post_orzeczenie-SN-I-CSK-631-18_reklamy-a-wynagrodzenie.pdf

Adequate remuneration for co-authors of an audio-visual work versus magazine publisher’s profits from advertisements

download: post_orzeczenie-SN-I-CSK-631-18_reklamy-a-wynagrodzenie_ANG.pdf

Opis firmy - edukacja i pedagogika, terapia sensoryczna

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Odfrankowienie kredytu - adwokat

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