Klaudia Piątek

Klaudia Piątek

Joined on: 2018-12-20
Warszawa, Poland

Hello, I'm a journalism student at SWPS University in Warsaw. Since I was a child I've been writing poems, which was probably why I chose my current degree course. I always felt quite good when it came to writing, and there was no type of text that was impossible for me to write. I find myself very eloquent, as well as creative. Writing different types of texts (English texts included) gives me joy and simply makes me happy :) Feel free to message me about any other details. I would be very happy to work with you.

Felieton na temat wypraw w kosmos

download: felieton_KP.pdf

Felieton na temat lektur szkolnych

download: Dokument_bez_tytułu_9.pdf

Przykładowy artykuł ekonomiczny w języku angielskim

download: The_truth_behind_Polish_flagship_program_500.pdf

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