Kamil Kaczyński

Kamil Kaczyński

Joined on: 2020-01-28
Będkowice, Poland

Hi, my name is Kamil I come from Sobótka, but now Im living in Wrocław. I graduate the University of Wroclaw in the field of Journalism and social communication. Advertising and social media are my passions. Im interested in sport, politics, motorization and video games. I have a wife and a Beagle dog. I will gladly accept quest from you - we can make this project together. I will be glad to contact you.

Visa and Work

Audit, design and implementation of a new website. Running a Facebook profile for Visa and Work, from October 2018 to the present. Implementation of the new logo and background photos.


Green Food

Running a Facebook profile for Green Food (formerly Global Fit), from 2016 to 2018. Cooperation with influencers, YouTube, eco food websites.



Creating a profile, creating a website, complete visual identity and running a Facebook channel. (2018) (former name GoScooter)



Running a Facebook account 2015-2017



Visual design of the website. Maintaining an account on FB 2017-2018


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