Hubert Tylkowski

Joined on: 2017-05-14
Poznań, Poland
SKILLS: csshtmlhtml5javajavascriptReactReact-router-v4ReduxspringspringSpring MVC

Fullstack Developer specializing in complex solutions from a to z. The main technologies in which I develop projects are:

  • Java
    • Spring
  • Javascript
    • React



Basically, the program, which is called HeroCard, works like an interactive character sheet - a character or monster is created from scratch, that is: name, race, gender, then initial job and zodiac sign. The program was created to deprive the game of boring aspects, such as calculating statistics. I wrote it using JavaFX, which I chose due to the fact that I felt quite free in the Java language. I can't say if the program is consistent with the original Tactics, because I've never played Tactics, but it's completely consistent with Bartłomiej's game. You can customize equipment, any variables in attributes like HP, MP. There is option to save and load character and Of course, you can also change levels, jobs, and set character portraits. The most important thing is that the program counts the so-called Clockticks - with each click, each character loads the action bar, which when it is fully charged, the character can perform an action or movement, which take a certain amount of points from this bar. The action bar is crucial in tactical planning and, thanks to the HeroCard, you can predict what character will have the next move


An engineering project aimed at improving the sales of various goods during various events.

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