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We help our clients see what they couldn’t before.

 We’ve been offering mobile app development services since 2012. We specialize in complex web and mobile solutions for both Android and iOs. We create high-quality applications not only for business but also for start-ups and private investors. Our prices are significantly lower than those proposed by large companies, or in your country. Putting forward unique and customized solutions is our standard. We will establish your app from A to Z – from setting it up to deploying it in the market place.


Turn on Audiodelic, run curiosity!

Audiodelic is the first service in Poland that gives the user access to the best texts published in prestigious magazines in the form of audio! All in one site, accessible from the cloud on mobile devices. Interviews, columns and the most famous essays creators of our time. Kolakowski, Turowicz, Lem, Mrożek and many other masters of the word, in your phone. In addition, the platform offers a unique collection of archival press recordings. Magazines from the beginning of the 20th century and even older!

Audiodelic is not so much access to the texts themselves as to the content they bring with them. A thought for which we have less and less time, now available from anywhere on earth, at any time. Morning road for work it does not have to be as monotonous as before, you do not have to listen to the same thing over and over again music. Listen to Fr. Kaczkowski talking about his achievements, thoughts Kolakowski, for which you have never had time. Now you have!

There was no such offer on the market as Audiodelic. Mobile application with a message. People are our strength, our motivation is content, and our advantage is the word.


Minifigs is must have application for all LEGO® Minifigures™ collectors and fans. You can browse largest LEGO® Minifigures™ online collection and create your own Minifigures™ catalogue. Application shows value for each Minifigure™ and calculates total value of your collection.

Over 1300 Minifigures™ and growing every day including whole Collectable Series and much more.

Build collection of 50 unique Minifigures™ for free! Find out how much is your collection worth.

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