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Genius Promotion

Joined on: 2018-12-16
Warszawa, Poland

Welcome to my profile. I am glad to introduce my resume. I am going to present my experience to you. I've been advertising content in Google since 2011. During this period I worked and gained experience in various agencies in the field of Digital Marketing. I would like to emphasize that I worked as a manager of technical support in Google Adwords and served the markets of Poland and Europe. That's why I have a rather deep knowledge of Adwords.

In addition to working as a manager in Google Adwords, I have some experience working with corporate clients. That’s why I also know what a big budget is and how to use it effectively. During my collaboration with Internet marketing agencies on a high professional level, I have mastered many promotional tools: -Google Adwords -Facebook -Linkedin -Instagram -MailChimp

I am very skilful with such technical tools as: -Google Tag Manager -Google Analytics -Facebook Analytics -Facebook Ads Manager -Doubleclick Search -Doubleclick Bid Manager -AdEspresso -Twitter Analytics, etc.

In addition to contextual advertising, I have been advertising on social networking sites for 4 years. Facebook is my main profile but I run promotional campaigns in Instagram, Linkedin. While conducting a project, I offer everything that is necessary to achieve the goals: - creation and filling of new fanpages - maintaining existing fanpages - creating posts - writing original texts - making up graphics banners - Setting up targeting ad campaign - setting up the analytics - dealing with competitors, etc

It's hard to list everything because Facebook offers a lot more opportunities In general, I had over 360 individual clients from different countries of the world: Ukraine, Poland, Spain, the USA, Lithuania, Latvia, Great Britain. I not only know where these countries are located geographically but also I am well-posted in the specifics of these markets. I understand the business processes that take place on these markets, as well as how the client thinks and behaves.

I can manage and customize ad campaigns in such languages as Ukrainian, English, Polish, Russian. For other languages, I work with a certified translation centre. I hope you got interested in everything written above and you will certainly call or write me to get even more useful and interesting information.

I am looking forward to your cooperation

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