Diana Kraszewska

Diana Kraszewska

Joined on: 2020-09-24
Białystok, Poland
SKILLS: data analysisdatabasestypingvirtual office

My name is Diana Kraszewska and I am very happy that you are here. I am just starting my freelance adventure so I am very motivated to update your order.

I work in an accounting office on a daily basis, so I have contact with huge documentation, databases, and, of course, clients. I am a physiotherapist by profession with a master's degree, but who said that I cannot also be an accountant? As you share, I will find myself in every task. My possibilities also include accuracy and timeliness, otherwise I would not be an accountant :)

Baza danych do nowotworzonej strony internetowej

The link includes the database to the newly created website gdziepolekcjach.pl. It is just a database of companies located in Białystok that offer additional activities for children and youth in this area. The database is divided into categories, contact to companies, as well as location also taking into account the coordinates necessary to locate on the map. I created this base entirely on my own, as well as for several other cities.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rSxTTRTJ6rwzZX8XH4hQZAMHQhA0hmD4sJdcSCdyFqc/edit#gid=0 download:

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