Dawid Mroziński

Dawid Mroziński

Joined on: 2020-03-20
Luboń, Poland
SKILLS: copywritingdatabaseshtmlhtml5javamysqlsqltext editing

A crazy graduate of the University of Physical Education in Poznań. PE teacher and personal trainer. I love working with children and young people as well as sport, healthy nutrition and technology. I like challenges and new things so in my free time I renovate the future apartment (I have never done it before). Every day I work with children as a local trainer. I spent two years at school as a PE teacher, but I thought education was going the wrong way. I'm currently changing my profession, that's why I'm learning programming in Java in sdacadwmy and through the Udemy portal. In my free time I run a channel on YOUTUBE and a Facebook page.

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Żyj zdrowo, żyj lepiej.

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