Cudak Jakub - Wild Snake McCoy

Cudak Jakub - Wild Snake McCoy

Joined on: 2019-01-04
Jaworze, Poland
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Hello, My name is Jakub and for many years my main activity is to describe reality in various places around the world. I describe in a very structured way - spreadsheets, presentations, audits, when I do it in connection with my work.   In a more fanciful and sophisticated way, with humorous elements, when I do it in connection with my "writer-creative" impulses.

In recent years, in connection with my work, I have traveled about 150 trips abroad and visited over 200 hotels. I met a lot of different people in the most bizarre situations, but all of them combined the desire to escape from the banality of everyday life.

In my works I always try to emphasize the extraordinary, seemingly ordinary things.

With this in mind, I invite you to cooperation. Jakub

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