Biuro konstrukcyjne 3D Mold

Biuro konstrukcyjne 3D Mold

Joined on: 2021-02-10
Bydgoszcz, Poland
SKILLS: 3ddesigngeneral applicationsgraphicsmodeling 3Dpackaging design

CAD design services 3D Mold is a company, that offers complex services in the scope of CAD designs, constructions and technologies.

Fast economic growth opens new business areas, that are often related to designing, technology, optimization and usage of innovative solutions. CAD design services 3D Mold was grounded as an answer to the constant need of such kind of services. We saw an economic niche, that we quickly filled and since a few years we can offer you products of the highest quality. 3D Mold is the effect of passion of the people, who create it! We are a young, dynamically developing company from the branch of designing and construction. Our mission is to care about your satisfaction.

We are creating products with highest quality requirements, advanced constructions and properly selected technology. Our long-term experience in the fields of mechanics, technique, technology and production allows us to fully satisfy high requirements of clients, who appreciate promptness, quality and functionality.

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