Anna Kapelska Calvo

Anna Kapelska Calvo

Joined on: 2020-11-10
Legnickie Pole, Poland

I love writing. I wake up early and open my laptop while sipping a hot coffe ( I am coffee addict ). I have been reading and writing since I can remember. I write in Polish, Spanish; I translate Norwegian and English. I studied Polish and English philology and I use Spanish in everyday life. I try to absorb all around me and convert it to simple though memorable texts. If choosing words is not your cup of tea, I would love to help you.

I also offer audiovisual productions, especially short publicity spots for social media. In our team I am responsible for music and edition. The examples of some shooting are shown below. Film, fotografia, reklama.

We offer audiovisual films. Publicity for social media Instructional Videos Interviews Sport films Short spots download:

Translation of the website. English to Spanish.

Translation of a website from English to Spanish. download:

Artykuł w języku norweskim na temat komercjalizacji czasu wolnego.

download: Fritid_er_blitt_altfor_kommersialisert.pdf

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