Agencja Interaktywna 360

Agencja Interaktywna 360

Joined on: 2019-03-28
Kobyłka, Poland

We are an interactive agency specializing in creating high quality photo spheres, virtual walks and interactive 360° movies.

Wirtualny stadion Wisły Kraków

Wisła Kraków stadium in the form of a spherical gigapanorama with 4Gpx resolution. The application integrated with the ticketing system was created in order to show the increase in the attendance of fans buying tickets for a unique match: Stars for the White Star.

Thanks to the gigapanorama and the mechanisms created by us, it is possible to view the stadium in high definition, as well as access (in real time) to information on the number of interested fans, attendance in particular stadium sectors, distribution of individual places in each sector, their status as well as presentation basic information about the fans.

Salon Agata Warszawa Targówek

An example of a panoramic presentation based on a material prepared for publication in Google Maps, to which an interface stylistically resembling the visual identification system of Agata was created. The method of moving around the walk refers directly to the mechanisms known from Google Street View. The presentation also includes a search engine that makes it easier to find not only individual panoramas, but also specific products on them.

Miejsce Pamięci Auschwitz-Birkenau

Three years of creating a spherical photographic documentation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Site resulted in the creation of a unique virtual walk. The panoramic presentation contains only a part of spherical photography made in 2011-2014. The virtual walk consists of panoramas taken at different times of the day (also at night) and the year, as well as a set of panoramas from the bird's eye view. An interesting fact is the collection of so-called panoramas. reserves: places preserved in almost unchanged form since the liberation of the camp.

Rezydencje Prezydenta Rzeczypospoliej Polskiej

The Presidential Palace, the Belvedere Palace and the Presidential Palace in Wisła can now be visited virtually. We presented the Presidential residences at 104 high resolution spherical panoramas. Cabinet of Marshal Piłsudski, a spacious Column Hall in which the President hands out ministerial appointments or a historical hall in which there is a Round Table - all of this you can see without waiting for the next open day. The virtual tour can also be viewed on smartphones and tablets.

Bielsko-Biała - wirtualny spacer

This is another (after Toruń, Zabierzów and Żywiec region) virtual trip created entirely on the basis of our proprietary solutions. The trip with more than 130 panoramas (in the DVD version: over 150) presents the most charming corners of the "Little Vienna". Dozens of panoramas from a bird's eye view (from a height of 6-40 meters), a few gigapanores (including spherical), quasi-phile shots, integration with social networks, professional narration conducted by one of the actors of the Polish Theater: Kazimierz Czapla makes the walk unique in the country.

Volvo V90 Cross Country

Panoramic tour of VOLVO V90 Cross Country.

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