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Szczecin, Poland

I graduated with major in English Philology (translation) and I have been copywriting and doing freelance translations for a few years. I have been working with music, fashion and gaming industry mostly, but with proper research I can write a copy on any given subject. I have written dozens of various posts and articles. I also owned internet stores and Facebook fanpages, so I have basic knowledge of SEO and content marketing.

Tekst z branży gamingowej - gry MMO

an article meant for a MMORPG gaming website

download: Albion.pdf

Kolekcja wiosna-lato 2019 - Łukasz Jemioł

Krótki tekst o najnowszej kolekcji wiosna-lato 2019 polskiego projektanta Łukasza Jemioła.

download: LukaszJemiolKolekcja_rldrOx0.pdf

an article about folk metal/folk rock bands for a music website, written some years ago. download:

krótki artykuł na temat albumu muzycznego download:

krótki tekst na temat promowanego koncertu download:

Snail Mail - blog o tematyce postcrossingowej

Prywatny blog o tematyce hobbystycznej z dziedziny postcrossingu i swapów. download:

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