Zlecę zaprojektowanie logo firmy produkującej elementy dekoracyjne do wnętrz.

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    I am looking for a person who will undertake the design of a simple logo and business card for a sworn translator in a minimalist style. I want a simple but modern corporate identity, without additional graphic elements (logo composed of an acronym).
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    Company logo + online store layout
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are a new trading company .We are looking for a graphic designer to create the company logo and design the layout of the online store .
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    Biuro Zleceń
    I will commission the production of advertising calendars with the company logo for the year 2022/2023. It is to be a teacher calendar starting from the month of September 2022 to June 2023. Guidelines: - Quantity: 35 pieces - Size: A5 Those interested in carrying out the order, please contact me.
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    Fine Dine Europe
    Illustrations for store mailings
    Proposed by freelancer
    I'm looking for a person to create graphics/illustrations for an online store, more specifically, for emailing accompanying processes related to purchase, product availability and newsletter sign-up. Industry related to food service supplies. We initially need 7 illustrations. Deadline for completion: 2nd half of September. Please send me a link to your portfolio
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    We are currently creating a new website. I'm looking for a graphic designer to create an animation of the "drawing" of the chart that will be placed in the site - in lottie format.
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    Performee 6 deals
    Graphics on social media
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a Graphic Designer We are directly interested in cooperation, which may last for a longer period of time, hence we need a specific person to act. We are mainly interested in: -creating brand identity -designing visual identities -designing logos -advertising banners -graphics for fanpage and websites (building brand recognition, engaging audiences and increasing sales) Please provide a portfolio to offer cooperation along with your own proposed rates
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    Akces Dance
    The order is to prepare a graphic design according to the printer's guidelines for a 2m (width) x 3m (height) advertising wall. Link to the wall and preparation guidelines: https://www.adsystem.pl/scianki-reklamowe/scianki-pop-up/adwall-edge/ The project is to include one large photo (which also needs final retouching and processing) and 2 logos.
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    Oltek 1 deal
    Graphic designer - fb posts + rolls
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a UI Designer/Graphic Designer with the ability to work on Canva. Super like being able to process videos (trimming, adding intros). We are looking for a permanent collaborative person to design and create graphics for our Social Media, story graphics, create moving graphics. You can see our style on our Facebook profile. We are open to suggestions 😊 Requirements: - experience in graphic design - proficiency in Canva (if you use another program - let us know) - independence in creating projects - positive attitude and punctuality Please send me a quote for 30 graphics
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    Creating a brochure + possibly printing
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I would like to commission the creation of a brochure of several pages
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    Creating a footer for an email
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I am looking for a person who will create a professional and aesthetic email footer for us.
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AO System
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Job category:
Graphic projects
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Preferable skills:
corporate identity
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Job description

Zlecę wykonanie logo, które ma być proste i minimalistyczne. Nazwa firmy to Quatro Wood. Logo może to być sama nazwa lub nazwa z dodatkiem grafiki, jestem otwarty na propozycje ale raczej stawiam na minimalizm.

Produkujemy panele dekoracyjne na ściany które wykonujemy z drewna. Jest to połączenie naturalnego charakteru drewna z nowoczesnymi wzorami które wykonujemy na drewnie na maszynach Cnc. Takie połączenie natury i klasyki z nowym, oryginalnym designem i technologią produkcji.

Kolor nie jest dla mnie najbardziej znaczącym wyznacznikiem, co więcej zakładam że możemy wypalać lub grawerować logo na naszych produktach więc raczej zależy mi na dość prostych konturach niż na charakterystycznych kolorach. wolę żeby logo było jednokolorowe.

Potrzebuje 2 wersje logo: poziomom i pionową.

oczywiście musi się nadawać do użytku w internecie (sklep internetowy, social media), do druku i ewentualnego grawerowania czy wypalania.

Type and number of projects:

1 logo w dwóch wersjach (poziom, pion)