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    Andrzej Józeńków
    I will commission the creation of an ebook in PDF format (about 50 pages will be). I will provide the content. I will write all the content. I want someone to put it together nicely and GOOD. So that it is pleasant to read. To make it just graphically nice. I don't give any specific design guidelines. It just has to please :) It can be done in Canva. I would like to get the final product in PDF and a source file so I can edit it myself later. Photos can be from stock. E.g. from Canva premium stock. Theme of the ebook: English abroad Theme: travel Target group: students in their teens. That is, the graphics must be lively, not boring, not monotonous. I am looking for a person who has already created ebooks and has a sense of aesthetics. If you can create something like this for me up to 7 days, you are welcome.
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    Tomek 5 deals
    Planner cover - ready graphic elements
    Proposed by freelancer
    Creating a cover from ready-made floral graphic elements sent from us. The cover should include the inscription 2024. The cover created based on the inspiration included in the attachment. The cover should be created in a vector program. PDF output file editable. We need more covers based on other designs/inspiration. If both parties are satisfied with the cooperation then we anticipate a longer cooperation. Please send a link to previous projects and preferably an hourly rate.
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    He wants to show- illustration and sound. The purpose - is to motivate to sign a development agreement. It is to compare, families of which each want to buy a house for a year, while one of them decides to now and the other is still afraid to buy. My proposal - just an inspiration. Comparison of two families, reigning purchase of real estate. Each of them has a New Year's resolution for 2023 to buy a house because they want to finish paying for commercial rentals. They all start from January browse through advertisements and do on-site inspections a) Family 1 - says "we got it" and buys despite concerns about the cost of the loan. They are happy and are busy with the interior design with an architect and in the evenings they relax outdoors instead of looking again for ads on the Internet or real estate agencies (b) Family 2 - only browses ads and won't even go to a one construction site. Instead, he turns his nose up and complains - expensive credit, let's wait because it will be cheaper, waiting for the government program 2% credit. All year in weeeknds they wait for new offers and worry whether the The landlord will refer them to the rent of the current apartment
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    HVAC (refrigeration) company, website is https://klima-cool.pl (still under construction) I need some cool clear logo, it would be good if the icon is just associated with air conditioning, it can also be just some svg of air conditioner, but I'm counting on your suggestions about the logo 🙂 - 2 versions, one for white durga for black background Simple Graphics/Illustration of split air conditioning system Simple Graphics/Illustration of multi-split air conditioning system Graphic/Illustration of air conditioning installation process Graphic/Illustration of air conditioning in an apartment 6 Graphic/Illustration of air conditioning in a house Since I don't want to litter this post, On priv I will try to detail my vision with examples/inspiration so that we know where we stand. Thanks! 🤝
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    valtorboy 5 deals
    Infographics design in Canva
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the creation of an infographic containing information from a .doc file. The doc file contains 1311 words - not a whole 4 A4 pages.
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    Justyna Dziemianowicz 3 deals
    Design under cnc milling
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hey Looking for a person to do a project under CNC milling. The inscription "O Bulwa!" 1:1 with curves Font: Amatic SC
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    I need someone to orchestrate a graphic design of a product catalog (A4 folders) for a language translation agency. I have the logo, the text, the color scheme - all I need is someone to translate it for me into the grid I received at the print shop ;) I ask for offers with completion date and time. You can say that the graphic design tentatively I have, I just need someone to transfer it in the program to the grid for printing.
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    Łukasz Gajek
    I will commission the preparation of several graphics, with editable text, for the publication of advertisements, articles, posts, blogs on SM - mainly Linkedin, which will be the visual identity of an IT company in the field of ERP systems,
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    Company folder design
    Proposed by freelancer
    Preparation of the design of the company folder, which is to consist of 3 folding sheets (6 pages). - cover - back - page with map of sales consultants - page 50% about the company, 50% about the brand - page with offer - page with offer A4 format, Photoshop editing file. An asset will be the execution of a similar product before.
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    Bieri 6 deals
    Production of technical drawings
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I will commission technical drawings About 20 pcs. Example attached
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