Writing a WEB application that extracts the number of sold items from MySQL database at specific time intervals from an online store based on ShopGold script

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    "Make a drink" app for Windows 10 The app is designed to help the user choose a drink. System: Windows 10 Control: touch screen Language: 4 language versions (translation on the client side) Number of screens: 17 (x4) Number of interactive screens: 7 (x4) Graphics: On the client's side Attached is a presentation with visuals
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    Turulo - Wordpress handyman 7 deals
    I will commission a real estate search engine table similar to the one in the attached link - https://moderna.pl/scala/. I want to enter data for the table in the CMS Wordpress panel using CPT (Custom post types). The search engine must operate on the data entered into the fields created with the ACF (Advanced custom fields) plugin. The design should be made so that I can style it using CSS and prepared in such a way as to allow the creation of new columns with new search options. Simple instructions are welcome, I would like the whole module to be placed in a php file that I can freely call in different places on the page using the "get_template_part()" function. I would also like the results in the table when filtering, to load similarly to under the link, that is, without reloading the whole page. I think the best option would be to create such a table on a clean installation of Wordpress, along with the necessary plugins, on which the contractor could prepare according to the above-mentioned guidelines, the finished product. And the contractor could log into the panel to see how everything works from the inside. When the work is completed, it would be possible, with the help of a simple all in one wp migration plugin, to create a copy which the contractor would upload to his target site. Please feel free to make an offer, best regards ;)
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    wkmarketing.pl 105 deals
    I would like to commission a panel where subcontractors doing linkbuilding could add entries, which would then be converted into an xls or pdf report. The panel would need to allow subcontractors, clients and assignors to log in. A subcontractor would have to have 3 fields to fill in (link, nickname, link used, anchor, content). The person assigning orders would need to be able to assign orders and subcontractors to those orders. The client should be able to see the reports. I look forward to suggestions, regards!
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    2 bars in HTML/CSS usage / accessibility
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for someone to add 2 bars in a working PHP application to show the "consumption" of a subscription. 1. number of records used / available in the subscription. 2. number of data used / available in the subscription Counting: 1. we will count the records from the MySQL database and the number of available will be in a variable in the settings 2. data used must somehow be counted by checking the size of the specified directory
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    Pako Design
    Bot to buy coal
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I am looking for a very good programmer who can write an app/bot to automatically purchase coal from PGG store. Deadline as soon as possible
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    Hi, is looking for a front-end and back-end developer to develop an online store according to a previously prepared graphic design with a small number of planned sub-pages, albeit very well developed visually. All assumptions, as well as detailed information I will provide in messages. Willing persons please send me a message, I will consider any proposal!!! 🙂
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    extforce 1 deal
    Project embedded/network
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for an experienced C/C++ programmer for at least 3 months on a fulltime basis, who has worked on embedded/industrial solutions for Linux-based devices. - expected knowledge of compilation tools: make, cmake, optimizing compiler settings, - experience with system monitoring tools (udev, netlink, netstat, iptables-nflog) - experience with USB protocol control libraries - ability to debug and detect application errors - experience with scripting tools.
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    Devispace 49 deals
    We are looking for a programmer to implement new functionalities in an existing project. Required knowledge of: - Laravel - Bootstrap - Tailwind
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    Marek Daniel 3 deals
    Laravel programmer to work with
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person for 7 revisions of an existing website. Time estimation ~5 hours. Requirements: - Git - Laravel - Docker
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    Szmit Piotr 40 deals
    Google Analytics 4 implementation
    Proposed by freelancer
    We realize that the current version of Google Analytics 4 is not yet a final product and is not suitable for use as a primary web analytics tool at this time. We are still using the current version of Google Analytics until July 2023 as the primary source of analytics but we want to simultaneously implement Google Analytics 4 to collect data. This will allow us to compare data year-on-year after we switch to the new GA in July 2023. Shoper has already prepared a plugin to accelerate the implementation of GA4. Please send me a quote for the implementation of Google Analytics 4
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Desktop/web applications
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web application
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Job description

For the store


I need a simple application / web page (password protected) which will present me sales of a given item in a given period of time. By default, it would display for example the last 30 days, but I would like to be able to change the scale for example

last 7 days

last 30 days

last 12 months

and some arbitrary dates to choose from.

By default, all items on the page are displayed (such a big table)

In each row:

Photo thumbnail | Name| Catalog number| Quantity| Number sold | etc.

Additionally, the filters would allow to choose category/manufacturer/quantity just like in the store.

The table should be able to be sorted by any column.

The script is to be extended with profitability calculations and other stuff, but I care most about the table with the information about the number of sold items.

I don't have any requirements as to how it should be written - it should work on my server with WEB access.

Apart from the price offer, I would also like to see some examples of your work.

All the data is in mySQL but I need to extract it nicely :) and present it properly.

Required functions: