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    Wydawnictwo Marek Derewiecki
    I will order the restoration of an online store on Wordpress after being infected with a virus. The address is www.derewiecki.pl. The administrative part is infected. The frontend works, the Woocommerce store also works (emails with orders come in), but the backend does not work, i.e. you can log in, but it looks like the styles do not load (white background with blue links). The server administrator wrote thus: "We have set up a virtual server, database and mailboxes for you on a new server with up-to-date software. So you can install the new version of WordPress there and keep it updated to make it resistant to hacking attacks. I provide the accesses below: [XXX]. Currently, the site is running on the existing server. We will switch the domain to a signal from you. Emails on the new server will work after the domain switch (and the contents of the mailboxes will be migrated). On the new server, there is a backup of the site in the root directory. However, we ask you not to run this version on the new server (you can, for example, download it and modify it locally), as this may cause a virus threat to the entire machine and its shutdown by OVH (our hosting provider)." and further in another email: "unfortunately, we do not deal with the installation/upgrade of WordPress at all (and your store is based on this template). It will be necessary to find a suitable service provider in the market.... who will not only launch the site, but also update it regularly."
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    Good day, I am looking for a person capable of plugging my PayU account into Shopify. The idea here is to integrate Payu payment gateway (blik,quick transfers etc) to my shopify store so that customers can pay on it.
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    Permanent care of the web store, knowledge of shopgold required Automotive industry Baselinker integrations
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    I need to add Inpost Parcel Post shipping to an online store set up on Wix.com.
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    Back-End Development Presta 1.7
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will outsource to splice a ready-made and cut Front-End (HTML/CSS) with Back-End Prestashop 1.7 so that a fully functional theme is created.
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    Bensons 6 deals
    Button to set markup, make plug-in
    Proposed by freelancer
    We have integration with one of the suppliers, the code is proprietary. By default in the code is set a markup of 10%, manual price improvement is possible. Simply, when the supplier activates the product for us, it is added to the purchase price of 10%. It is necessary: - make a window / plugin for these products with so that we can automatically set a markup of, for example, 10%, tomorrow change to 20%, etc. - changing the markup value should update all prices automatically - set price rounding up or down The code is generally written for this function. It just needs to be "extracted" so we can control it. I ask for bids only from people who have a good grasp of programming, automation and the CRON function. I don't want a situation where through wrong code the site and products will crash. It is necessary to approach this with a head. Both stores are set up on Woocommerce. Please provide me with a quote or contact me in advance, I will provide access to the code so that a reliable quote can be provided.
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    Polstar 3 deals
    Hello, looking for someone who would perform the service of translating the content on the shoper store along with the implementation of the translated descriptions on the store.
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    Polstar 3 deals
    Creating a store on wordpress
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello I am interested in creating a store on wordpress. Connecting to baselinker, carriers, creating layout and implementing translation into German and English.
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    Online store on Presta, Google Analytics is not counting payments via transfers24. I need someone to set it up properly so that it starts counting.
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    Travel Agency CRM Pipedrive
    Store link: sklep116039.shoparena.pl We are looking for someone to create an add-on for the Shoper sales platform, for a store with children's beds. The problem: The beds come in different sizes. E.g. Bed "Zuzia" has several sizes (160x80, 180x100, etc.) After adding to the cart, the customer should be able to choose additional components, e.g. additional mattress, additional drawer, additional railing, etc. This can be done in variants directly in Shoper. However, the problem is that Shoper does not allow you to change the price of a particular additional choice, depending on another additional choice. Example: For a 160x80 bed, an additional railing costs 100zl, a drawer costs 120zl, for a 180x90 bed - a railing costs 120zl, a drawer costs 140zl, etc. It is possible to do this by generating all variants as separate "products", but in that case for one bed there are up to 120 variants that would have to be entered manually - a very long time and error-prone. We need a configurator that would allow us to add accessories for the selected bed variant at the appropriate price, whether before adding the product to the cart, on its card, in a popup that pops up when adding it to the cart, or otherwise. One solution has been partially implemented and is available on the store - you can be inspired by it and create a similar one, or even finish this one (the developer who did it does not have the ability to finish the project): https://sklep116039.shoparena.pl/pl_PL/p/Lozko-pojedyncze-testowe/588
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Tartan i Wełna
7 deals
Job category:
Online shops
Expected budget:


Preferable skills:
online shop
Valid until:

Job description

We are looking for help to:

1. WooCommerce plugins update

2. Installation of product / website review plugin - Trustmate

3. Small one-time works regarding adding a module to the website

We would be grateful for your hourly rate.

Best wishes,


Template / individual design:

updating the online store

Required functions:

knowledge of the woocommerce system