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There is a script for a WordPress website to be executed, which will open the URL provided in the script whenever the user clicks on the page, e.g. the user enters, clicks anywhere - link, background, logo - the URL given is opened in a new browser tab in the script. The next time you click, the content that the user clicked opens.

The script should be able to set a few small settings:

- whether the link is opened at the first, second, or subsequent click on the page - or randomly from the specified range

- opening several consecutive or random URLs specified in the script, e.g. the first click opens page A, the second page B, the next link C

- operating time - whether the script works on the website all the time or only in the given hourly intervals

The script cannot burden the page. It needs to be lightweight, load fast, and not prompt your browser about pop-ups. A short configuration instruction will be useful for the script.

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Kamil Szczęk

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Added: on 2021-10-13

Mateusz Magier

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Added: on 2021-10-12
Added: on 2021-10-12


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Added: on 2021-10-12