Visualization of the house on the plot; Creating a house design, visualization, based on photos and a skeleton design, then applied to the photo in which it will be built.

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Based on the visualization of the base construction, the body of the house (wooden structure to be seen in 3d) and the attached sample photo of another building which shows an example of finishing the walls of the facade and the roof, create a visualization photo of the house body.

House with an area of ​​35 m2 .. Vertical wooden elevation and sheet seam anthracite.

The house has a non-typical structure because it is divided into two parts with a veranda on each side. The roof of the veranda will be a Roman blind placed parallel to the beams.

In this pergola, there will be a wooden Russian bulb that can also be used in the visualization.

The roof of the house has eaves, in fact, will not be built, so I would like to ask you to take into account where the roof will be finished in the visualization, as shown in the illustrative photo.

Then, apply the visualization to the photo or create a background based on the photo in which it is to be built (in the background of the hill).

There can be two visualizations of a photo from a distance where you can see more of the landscape and closer where you can see the house more clearly.

We attach a link to the 3D model

Photo with an example of the elevation

And a background photo with a marked place for setting the visualization of the house. They may know visualization from a distance and up close.

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Photo with the visualization of the house.

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